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Fiberglass Siding Material from Apex Siding


Our mission is simple: To give you the best feeling a homeowner can have. The feeling of pride in owning a home that looks perfect every single rainy, windy, sweltering, freezing day of the year. A home with crisp edges, clean lines and distinctive, dramatic shadowing that people take notice of while they're out walking the dog. The kind of home you take one last quick look at on your way out the door because you just can't help yourself.

We want to give you the feeling of confidence in knowing you just put the best siding on the planet on your home. It's the feeling of APEX, and it's the best feeling a homeowner can have.


APEX is an innovative new siding system that improves upon virtually every single critical area of siding and trim performance and aesthetics.

APEX is made with Ultrex®, a patented pultruded fiberglass pioneered by Marvin®, that through a proprietary manufacturing process has been incorporated with an integrated acrylic finish. This unique process provides APEX siding with its unmatched strength, high moisture and impact resistance, and bold, rich colors that resist fading and don't require painting. The sum of which gives your home a truly distinctive look and enduring beauty.

Made in the USA

The APEX Siding System is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota. APEX is an affiliate of Marvin Windows and Doors, a Warroad, MN based company proud to call the Midwest home for over 100 years.